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Import KML into AutoCAD

February 16, 2011 17:10 by Admin

With Plex.Earth 2.4, one more unique capability has been introduced. And as usual, Plexscape's ambition is to convert a feature into benefit.

Import KML into AutoCAD. This straightforward feature is available in all editions and it comes to provide you with more flexibility in your projects. KML is a well-known and very popular format for data exchange. So, you will be able to incorporate more sources with valuable information in your design. Even more, combined with the “Publish Objects” (to send objects from AutoCAD to Google Earth), the capabilities to share data with your partners and to present your creativity, has no limits anymore.

Plex.Earth will not import just a bunch of points and lines. Equipped with the "smart engine", which is based on the expert system we have developed, Plex.Earth will identify the role of each one element contained into the KML. Thus, while retaining properties such as the color and the transparency, it can distinguish whether an element represents a line, polyline (2D or 3D), hatch, 3d Face or simple points and text objects.

Currently is characterized as "beta". The reason is that we are simply looking for your feedback and we invite you to tell us if your expectations have been fulfilled.

You can download it from the downloads area of Plexscape’s website and please feel free to share your experience with us:

The command can be executed either through the command line (PXIMPORTKML), through the Plex.Earth Tools ribbon tab ("Publish Objects" section) or through the Plex.Earth toolbar (see below):



May 11. 2011 19:12


Your article was very helpfull for me so thank You!


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